Our Team

Craig-DownumCraig Downum
Manager, Dillabaugh’s Kitchen Design and Renovation

“I have worked for Dillabaugh’s since 2007, but I am not new to the cabinet industry. For twenty two years prior I worked as a cabinet installer putting together the pieces of other designer’s vision in both new and remodel construction. During this time I took pride in the attention to detail that I provided each home. As a result, I now have a unique perspective in cabinet design and sales by having the ability to envision the entire project from the ground up. I enjoy being involved in every aspect of the job, from start to finish. Cabinetry is my passion and I am eager to help our customers bring their dreams to reality.”

David Newell 
Cabinetry Installation

“I grew up in Seattle helping my dad doing display fixtures for grocery stores. From there I moved to San Diego with my wife and bought a cabinetry business; I’ve been in the industry ever since. There is a lot of satisfaction in seeing people get excited about their kitchen transformation. When I moved to Boise I went to the same church as Cal Dillabaugh and have always heard great things about the company, so when there was an opening I decided it was the perfect opportunity.” 

Jana Varchaver

Cabinetry Administrator

Bruce Braz